Want To Know How To Get Listed Top On Amazon's Alexa Search Engine Today

2018 Sept. 04

Alexa Search Engine

All Businesses needs new customers to fuel growth and cannot rely on existing customers Here why you need to know about Amazon’s Alexa search engine to get you listed on Amazon.com and get more potential customers for the business.

Today, In this post we will discuss a what is Amazon’s Alexa search engine, Top guidelines to list yourself on Alexa’s search engine. Let’s go through a few guidelines.

What is Amazon’s Alexa Search Engine?

Amazon’s Alexa is an artificial voice-powered virtual assistant designed and developed by Amazon and search engine for Amazon's e-commerce website.

Amazon’s Alexa most wonderful feature is, It lets customers order products with a spoken command and uses the new Amazon’s Choice program to determine what products to recommend to users.

Top guidelines to list yourself on Alexa’s search engine.

Let’s go through a few guidelines

Make It Available On Amazon Prime

The initial step to get your product accessible to Amazon Alexa customers is to get your product available on Amazon Prime. If you Don’t know what’s Amazon prime, it enables users customers to subscribe through a monthly or yearly fee to have all your items delivered within two-day delivery. Products mostly have to be fulfilled by Amazon to be a part of the Amazon prime program.

To know more about Fulfilled By Amazon. Visit www.amazon.com and scroll to the end of the page and check for the option Make Money with us

Alexa Search Engine Fulfilled by Amazon

Maintain your Shipping Time.

In order to earn Amazon’s Choice badge, You need to have minimum shipping time irrespective of what Amazon does with your inventory.

For Example. If you are a soap seller and send 50 units to Amazon, it will be sent to multiple warehouses or to Amazon distribution centre. Then Amazon will send 20 to Texas, 10 to New York and so on, making them available in all over the country. It is better to have sufficient stock to facilitate distribution. Less the stock is equal to slow shipping speed. Hence it is better to manage inventory neither too less for going out of stock nor too more for avoiding storage fees.

Take Care Of Product Reviews

Manage your product reviews to list on Alexa search, Customers of Amazon can choose to leave feedback for a product or for the seller. To get into Amazon’s Choice Program, product reviews are evaluated.

Amazon sellers have multiple services to follow-up emails to encourage happy customers to give positive feedback. You also get the opportunity to serve unhappy customers and remember that customers can rewrite or delete old negative reviews. It's worthwhile reaching out to reviewers who aren't happy and help their concerns.

 Optimize Products For Amazon SEO

The Final point is to make your products eligible for Amazon’s search engine Optimization. Amazon is not like Google. It considers different parameters to decide for a search is successful.

Listing few points to remember to get higher search rankings, In turn improving your chances to get into Amazon’s Choice Program.

Let’s look at the ways to optimize your product.

  • Images:
    Upload high-quality images on the product page. Images do the selling for you. Check for Amazon’s Guidelines for the product category and follow the instructions.

  • Descriptions:
    Describe your products specification, usage, features, benefits, the advantage of your products.

  • Title:
     The title is the grabbing factor of product to rank for searches. Amazon mentions best title formula for every category.

  • Structured Data:
    Amazon is very specific with the searches allowing consumers will get the right set of results. Hence provide filter such as fabric, texture, size etc for fashion category similarly for other categories as well.

  • Keywords:
    keywords are essential for all the search engine, be it Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even Alexa. Embed keyword in the backend of your products and reap the benefits


If you want to grow your business fast. You need to invest in Amazon’s Alexa search engine and get the best results because your competitors are already in this space, garbing more customers, sales and building their presence. Therefore start with Amazon’s Alexa Search Engine Today!

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