Beginner’s Guide To Adknowledge

2018 Nov. 15


All Businesses needs new customers to fuel growth and cannot simply rely on existing customers. Here where Adknowledge comes in place, more the website traffic more is the potential customers for the business.

This guide will help you understand what is Adknowledge, how it works and Alternatives to Adknowledge.

About Adknowledge

Adknowledge is digital advertising company founded in 2004 and based out of United States, the company specializes in video content, Apps, Social media marketing, Mobile Advertising, content recommendation, Ad network which help clients to get High ROI for their digital media spending.

Adknowledge runs media campaigns in fast-growing complexed areas of digital advertisement such as video advertising via Facebook, Youtube; social media advertisements.

Facts of Adknowledge

  • Having half of the Clients from Fortune 500 advertisers in the world.

  • Precision Target feature for more than 2 billion people around the world

  • Servicing clients in 50 countries and having a team that can speak 27 languages.

  • Customer retention is 92%

Companies acquired by Adknowledge

Adknowledge has acquired few companies as follows:
Adparlor offers world-class digital media buying, creative content service and audit services to brands. Founded in 2008 and based out of United States.
 Lookery provides social network platform with demographic marketing services for better targeting. Founded in 2007 and based out of United States
Giant Media:
Giant Media specializes in Content marketing, Cross-platform advertising, Social media marketing, youtube and Video Analytics.

Note: Adknowledge was closed in the year 2015, On September 30th, traffic to the website was discontinued and all the affiliate accounts were terminated. But not to worry we will cover the alternative to Adknowledge

Alternative to Adknowledge


BuySellsAds   BuySellAds is an online advertising network started in the year 2008, having 1,200+ publishers to drive revenue, 4,500+ Advertisers have benefitted and have grown their company and has 39 Employees working remotely from every corner of the world.

Adform  Adform is an Advertising technology partner for publishers, media agencies and trading desks founded in the year 2002 in Denmark and has offices in over 20 Countries

MyBuys Retailers through MyBuys gets individual shopping interests with e-commerce sites by cross-functional coordination. MyBuys provides E-commerce Optimization, Content publishing and finally which leads to customer Customer success.

Sonobi  Sonobi is an Ad Tech company founded in the year 2011 that offers solutions to advertisers brands, media agencies and publisher in order to help clients achieve business goals.

Swoop Swoop provides new search inventory for search marketers in high-value verticals like Travel, Tourism, Automobiles, Health, Finance and CPG. Swoop is closed marketplace enabling the direct relationship between publisher and advertiser.

Benefits of using Ad Network.

Cost Effective:
10 cents is the starting Bid, and you pay only when the user clicks on your Ads, this way it is Cost-effective and Highly accountable.
Extend your Online Search: 
Serving half of the fortune 500 Advertisers in the world and having precision targeting feature for over 2 billion in the world.

Customer Service:
They have committed and dedicated team serving customers with the smile.

You can try out multiple or single platforms; Platform available are Digital Video Advertising, Social Media marketing, Apps and Mobile.


If you are wanting to grow your business fast. You need to invest in Ad Network and get the best results because your competitors are already in this space, grabbing more customers, sales and building their presence. Therefore start investing in Ad Network.

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