Keyword Planner

Our tool helps you create campaigns by figuring out the right keywords for your website based on intent and traffic. just by looking at your landing page, We will suggest up to 10 relevant search terms which has sufficient search volume which is vital for you to optimize campaigns and make data driven decisions. Our software will also give you a rough overview of how many clicks and impressions can you generate from the search campaigns. You can use this information to fine tune your budget and the initial bid without overpaying for your clicks.

Keyword planner and traffic estimator
find negative keywords automatically

Negative Keyword Tool

Using negative keywords, one can improve the performance of AdWords Campaigns by not showing up on searches which are not relevant to you. Negative keywords ideally should be non converting keywords which have historically shown near zero conversion. AdNabu helps you identify these keywords automatically even if you have a very large account. Recommended strategy for adding negative keywords is to add them to a shared negative list and apply across campaigns. Adding negatives at Ad Group or campaign level although easy to start with can become a maintenance nightmare over time.

Duplicate Keyword Tool

Duplicate keywords can create internal competition which will drive up cost and CPC for otherwise healthy campaigns. Although it is a common misconception that having duplicate keywords will allow the ad to be displayed more than once for a search, the truth is that an ad from a domain will only be shown once per search. Duplicate keywords are sometimes hard to identify as some phrase and broad matches target the same set of searches and should ideally be considered duplicate keywords. There are some special cases where repeated keywords might not be duplicate keywords because the campaigns are targeting different locations.

find duplicate keywords in adwords
adwords keyword structuring tool

AdWords Keyword Tool

AdWords keyword tool allows you to identify high potential keywords and create Ad Groups and campaigns with all the best practices. It is highly recommended to create single keyword Ad Groups from these list of keywords as it ensures the the bidding is accurate and not diluted by the performance of other keywords. This strategy also ensures that the best ad for a keyword is always displayed and not the best for a group of keywords. Our tool also ensures that keywords and ad groups created will have zero internal competition. We achieve this by intelligent use of negative keywords in the account to avoid competition between long tail keywords and short tail keywords as well as multiple matchtypes.

Keyword Multiplier Tool

Keyword multiplier tool enables customers to create long tail keywords from a small list of keywords in multiple lists. Unlike traditional tools, AdNabu can automatically detect keywords and create long tail keywords from them. Software also creates keywords with different match types and single keyword ad groups for every one of them. Negative keywords are also generated to avoid competition between keywords of different match types and long and short tail keywords. All of this happens automatically and users need not rely on any messy scripts or excel uploads to create ad groups and keywords.

multiply keywords to create long tail keywords
long tail keyword tool

Long Tail Keyword Tool

Instead of multiplying words to form new long tail keywords, AdNabu allows you to create long tail keywords from very generic short tail keywords. lets take the example of a keyword family lawyer, AdNabu will automatically find and create long tail keyword variations like best family lawyer, family lawyer reviews, family lawyer near me from this one keyword and create single keyword ad groups for them. There is absolutely no requirement of any input from the user and saves them valuable time which is otherwise wasted on keyword research. The long tail keyword creation doesn't stop at campaign creation but is continued through out the life of a campaign. Any new search which has significant search volume will be added to your account automatically.