Find Longtail Keywords

Keyword multiplier tools are used by advertisers to create Ad Groups and Keywords for long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are an absolute must in creating profitable AdWords campaigns as they represent the searches where users are being highly specific about what they want. These searches although small in search volume every month, typically have high conversion ratios and should be optimized for maximizing conversions. It is recommended strategy to add these keywords into the AdWords account as exact matches and target them. This is a very manual work and you might need help from a tool to automate the keyword creation.

find high converting long tail keywords
Multiply Keywords in different lists to create long tail keywords

Legacy Keyword Multipliers

Keyword multiplier tools of old gives you an option to create multiple lists of keywords and then multiplies them with each other to give several long tail keywords. for eg : Lets say there are two keyword lists, list 1 with keywords lawyer, legal and list 2 with the keywords marketing, advertising. The result will be lawyer marketing, lawyer advertising, legal marketing, legal advertising respectively. Main problem with these keyword tools are they need data to be fed to the system to produce long tail keywords. One simply cannot predict what all can users search for right from start.

New AdNabu Keyword Multiplier

AdNabu's keyword multiplier is much smarter than legacy keyword tools. Initially it predicts keywords that should be targeted for a given landing page. From these keywords, without any input from users, AdNabu creates long tail keywords automatically. Even if the software miss some keywords at start, Our AdWords Maintenance software of AdNabu will create these keywords later. The software also creates multiple match types and single keyword ad groups for every single keyword. These ad groups will also have automatically generated negative keywords to avoid any internal competition both between different matchtypes and between short and long tail keywords.

Create long tail keywords and negative keywords with matchtypes