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Congratulations, now that you've decided to start your own online business! So, how do you make sure that your products are reaching the right customers? Contrary to popular belief, driving up web traffic to your online store will not necessarily guarantee sales. 

You should also plan to reach customers who are searching specifically for a product that fits your catalog. This is where you must optimize your shopping ads such that they maximize the Google search index and rank high in searches.

Submitting your product data to Google in the right format is essential for creating successful ads for your products. Most potential customers follow a particular form when searching for a specific product. This format has been optimized by the Google search index to showcase the ads that meet the query the closest. To have your product rank high on the Google search index, you must also follow this format for all your shopping ads.

In today's age of rampant online shopping and an almost equal platform for both big and small businesses, you must hone your marketing efforts to maximize exposure amongst potential customers. Google is the biggest search engine in the word, and you must use its abilities to ensure the success of your business.

Using the Google feed specification guide for your products is important. Here is a guide you must follow to effectively utilize Google's Merchant Centre.

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Product_type: Definition


Use the product_type attribute to include your own product categorization system in your product data. Unlike the google_product_category attribute, you choose which value to include. The values you submit for product_type can be used to organize the bidding and reporting in your Google Ads Shopping campaign. 


 Required / Optional


  • Optional for each product

Formatting guidelines


  • Type - String (Unicode characters. Recommended: ASCII only)

  • Limits - 0 – 750 characters
  • Repeated field - Up to 5 times, but keep in mind that only the first product_type value will be used to organize bidding and reporting in Google Ads Shopping campaigns. Separate multiple product types with a comma (, ). Don't use a comma (,) within a submitted product type value, since we would interpret this as separate product types. (For example, if you submit Appliance, TV, the value Appliance is interpreted as a separate product type from TV.)
  • Example - Home > Kids > Pants > Denim Pants

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Best practices


  1. Use > to separate multiple levels in a category. Also, include a space before and after the > symbol. For example: Home > Kids > Pants > Denim Pants.

  2. Submit product_type for products used in any campaign type. When you submit a product_type, [product_type] Google can better understand what you're selling, and when Google understands what you're selling, they can help connect users with your products. Plus, you can also use the values that you submit to organize your Shopping campaign by values of your own choosing.

  3. If you use product_type to organize your bidding and reporting in Google Ads, don't submit more than 1 value.

  4. If your own product categorization includes multiple levels, include all the levels. For example, if your products belong in Denim Pants, list the full string: Home > Kids > Pants > Denim Pants. 

  5. Use the full “breadcrumb” information. Wherever possible, include more granular categories as it classifies your product more precisely. For example, Books > Non-Fiction > Sports > Cricket is better than Cricket.

  6. It's acceptable to give Google the same values for google_product_category [google_product_category] and product_type [product_type] attributes, but the google_product_category [google_product_category] value has to be a supported Google product category.




1. Product type with multiple levels


  • Product - Maxi dress

  • product_type [product_type] - Home > Women > Dresses > Maxi Dresses 

  • Product - Google Nexus 6

  • product_type [product_type] - Product > Mobile Phones > Android 

  • Product - SLR camera lens

  • product_type [product_type]  - Home > Photography > Lenses > SLR Lenses

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Managing Google Merchant Centre and optimizing it to suit your business' needs is a great way to increase revenue. Making sure that your products are listed in a way that Google can fully understand its attributes and then connect them to the right customers will give you a higher rate of conversion. There are many different ways in which you can optimize the Google Merchant Centre. This includes managing product groups, optimizing for different product categories, and more. If you are looking for further information, you can visit the Google Merchant Centre feed guide

It is essential to leverage the reach of Google and put your business and products firmly in front of potential customers.


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