How to Map Shopify Meta fields in Google Shopping Feed?

Shopify meta fields in google shopping feed

What are Meta fields?

To add unique data to the products, objects, or customers, we can use Meta fields. Meta fields is a new feature in Shopify from where you can add different unique fields of data to various objects like Products, Orders, or even customers. Since Shopify has a limited set of parameters to add, Meta fields provide a way to add the functionality of Shopify. 

If you are managing all the parameters from Custom templates, it will be a little difficult to manage but from meta fields, it will be easy to handle all the things at once. It increases the efficiency of any online shop as it gives the ability to store additional descriptions or parameters on the blog's products, customers, or any pages. 

For example, if we have an apparel website, we will need to add some product descriptions like ‘hand wash only’, ‘Wash with cold water’, details on fabric, color, etc. We can add all these customized data from the Meta fields. The Meta fields are used to optimize the google shopping feed by adding extra images for products or by adding the custom data to the customer’s accounts. 

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Reasons to use Meta fields in Shopify


  1. It allows expanding the parameters which are otherwise provided within the limit by Shopify.

  2. It provides a simple interface that is easy to manage and run. 

  3. There are multiple apps through which we can add Meta fields.

  4. It helps to add the functionality to Shopify. 

  5. Meta fields allow you to overwrite the data and add as many customizations as you want to, to the google shopping feeds. 

  6. It simplifies the store knowledge and helps in storing all the data in one place. 

  7. Through Meta fields, you can add as many customizations as you want to a particular product. 

  8. You can add images, videos, or any related article to the products or collections. 

  9. It has a content management system for your Shopify store directly. 

  10. The Meta field manager allows us to import/export the Meta field configuration which we can move to another store also if required. 

  11. You can store all of your Meta field data through the Meta field manager to keep it safe. 

  12. It is easy to track internal data as well. 

  13. It helps in customizing the appearance of the storefront and can also help in showing more information as well. 

How to use the Meta field feature in an easy google shopping feed?

Meta fields have four parts

  1. Namespace: The category of the Meta field for which you want to add the custom details. 
  2. Key: It stores the name of the Meta field. 
  3. It stores the content required for the Meta field. The values that will be used by the app or displayed by the storefront. 
  4. Description: You can add the description for the article in detail if you want to. 

Depending on the requirements of a particular product or commodity, the Shopify merchant can add or modify the Meta fields. Any change that you make on the Meta field will be directly visible in the google shopping feed. 

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What are the steps you have to follow in order to use the meta field feature?

How to add Metafields to a Product?


  1. Click on Products to see a list of the products you have in your Google shopping store.

  2. Click on the product that you want to add the details from Metafields. 

  3. Click on create the Meta field. 

  4. Enter the information in the Spaces under Key, Namespace, Value type, and Description that you want to add to the product. You can add more fields to the same product. 

  5. After adding the details, click on Save. 


How to Edit Metafields of a Product?


  1. Go to products > Select all products > Select the product for which you want to edit the Meta field. 

  2. Click on More options and select Edit Metafields from the dropdown. 

  3. Edit as you like. 


Mapping of Metafields to Google Shopping Feed


1. Login to Your Shopify admin and Click on Apps.

2. Select the “Google Shopping feed” App from the list of installed apps.

3. Click on settings from the top bar and then click on the Meta fields section. 

4. You will find an option to enable and Disable Product Metafields mapping. For the new Adnabu users, The Product Metafields mapping needs to be enabled. 

5. After unlocking, click on the resource and select the type of resource as Product or variant on which you have added the Meta field. 

6. Select the attribute to which you want to map it in Google shopping Feed. 


7. Add the meta field namespace and a meta field key created before. The Meta field is now mapped to the Google Shopping Feed. 

8. Click on the Update Feed button to send your updated feeds to your google merchant center.



The meta fields feature is one of the most important features an eCommerce business should not miss and it can be easily enabled into the Shopify store! Therefore, try this feature out in your eCommerce business and check the results out for yourself!

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