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Shopify for eCommerce

Shopify is a hosted e-commerce solution used by merchants big and small to set up their e-commerce business. It is the largest hosted e-commerce platform by popularity and has been favorably reviewed for its ease of use and simplicity. Shopify has a monthly pricing plan with a free trial available and avoids the hassle of finding hosting or configuring the software, unlike Magento, WooCommerce or PrestaShop. It is much easier to start with Shopify because of the above reasons and small businesses, as well as individual sellers, have started choosing Shopify over other options. Shopify also has an app store where developers can showcase their apps which extend Shopify's core functionality.


Sync Shopify with Google Merchant Center

After creating and setting up your e-commerce store in Shopify, syncing your product data with Google is the first step for advertising in Google shopping. AdNabu has a google feed app that provides the basic functionality of syncing your product with google merchant center. There are more advanced apps available in the app marketplace and some are free and others paid. It is recommended to choose an app that can sync products regularly as this will help Google to show ads with more accurate data and avoid showing ads on products that are sold out. Some of the Shopify apps have job creation capability and will automatically sync the products in Shopify to the google merchant center.


Create Google Shopping Campaigns for Shopify

AdNabu creates perfect shopping campaigns for your e-commerce store in Shopify automatically. Our software looks at the data synced into Google merchant center and segregates campaigns based on your choice like brand, google product category or product type. These campaigns have separate ad groups for every single product allowing one to have very targeted bid on every single product. This strategy allows one to have device-level bid adjustments at the product level ensuring the difference of conversion ratios in multiple devices are taken care of. New products are automatically synced with Google Ads and campaigns are continuously optimized for maximum sales in Shopify.


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