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Create and manage shopping campaigns of your e-commerce store easily using AdNabu.

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Shopping or PLA Campaigns

Shopping or PLA campaigns are extensions of search campaigns and can displays ads directly in search results or inside Google Shopping(in select countries). These ads can be shown in both mobile and desktop devices and can supplement existing text ad campaigns. Shopping ads are image-based and have been proven to provide a higher click-through rate and conversion rates for e-commerce companies. Creating shopping campaigns is easy as no keyword research is required as shopping campaigns run based on products and their description. This makes shopping campaigns extremely easy to start as creating and linking the Google merchant center is the only required action.


High ROI for E-commerce

Multiple tests over the years have proven that shopping campaigns have a much higher ROI than text search campaigns. This efficiency can be attributed to the attractiveness of ads (image-based and highly relevant to the search query) as well as higher conversion ratio thanks to reduced steps (user directly lands on the product page) and higher intent. If you are running an e-commerce company it is highly advised to start a shopping campaign first and then start keyword-based campaigns. You can use the information from shopping campaigns to fine tune the keyword strategy in search campaigns. In the US alone, shopping or pla campaign spend has been increasing at a much higher rate than text campaigns.


Create Best Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns are easy to start but are extremely hard to optimize. The number of products in your Google merchant center can be in thousands and it would be a logistical nightmare to optimize these campaigns. Even while campaign creation, most advertisers create campaigns which do not follow best practices in shopping. This, in turn, reduces the future optimization potential of pla campaigns. Using AdNabu, advertisers can create shopping campaigns with all the best practices like single product ad groups which can create highly targeted bids and device level bid adjustments. The shopping campaigns are then optimized by looking at the categories defined by the advertiser which will be much more accurate than the categories provided by default by Google. AdNabu will also automatically sync new products from Google merchant center and create ad groups for them.