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Google Ads Search Campaigns

Text ads campaigns in search are the oldest campaign type from Google and the most popular in use. Users can be targeted using keywords they search in Google and show a text ad which is relevant to the search. Google Ads gives relevance of ads an utmost priority using quality score and allows even low paying advertisers to get more clicks provided they have a highly relevant ad. Advertisers still flock to Google Ads because of the high intent traffic which can only be compared with organic search and spend most of their advertising spend on text ads. It is no wonder that even today, Text ads contribute more to Google's revenue than any business.


High Intent Users and Conversions

When users search in Google, There is a sense of urgency as well as intent. According to a study, 84% of users make a search before completing a purchase. Advertising in search allows advertisers to tap into this high converting traffic at a cost they are comfortable with. Many advertisers new to Google Ads make a mistake by assuming that Google Ads is expensive. This is usually not the case as one can generate clicks for the same keyword at multiple price points. One would need to pay higher for consistent top ranking in search but can pay much lower if satisfied with a slightly lower number of clicks.


Search Ads Software

AdNabu's software for Google Ads text ads in search completely automates the creation, maintenance, and optimization of campaigns. Using keyword prediction tool, Our software identifies the right keywords to target for your campaigns and automatically creates ad groups for every single keyword. AdNabu will find long tail keywords automatically and would constantly look for new keyword opportunities. Once conversion data is available for the campaigns, our optimization software automatically optimizes for maximum conversions or sales at the lowest possible budget. Optimization and maintenance are a continuous process and help the campaigns to be more and more profitable over time.