How to set up Google Shopping Ads for Shopify store in 10 minutes?


Google Shopping Ads are the go-to marketing techniques to showcase your Shopify products to potential buyers on the internet. Majority of buyers research for the products they want to buy on Google. And using Google Shopping Ads, you can entice the buyers to check out your Shopify store with eye-catching product ads that show at the top of the organic search results.




Google Shopping Ads for Shopify have a lot of potentials to bring quality buyers to your store. However, setting up campaigns can be time-consuming, tiresome and often, the tasks are repetitive. But you need not worry as we have the perfect solution for you.

We provide you the best Google Ads automation and optimization app for Shopify. Using this app, you can create high-performing shopping campaigns with industry-standard best practices.

Getting started with Google Shopping Ads for Shopify using AdNabu is very easy. Your campaigns will be ready in less than 10 minutes! Just follow the instruction below.

Note: If you don’t have a Merchant Center, you can create one here.

Install Google Ads automation and optimization app for Shopify by AdNabu:

  1. Log in to your Shopify Store.

  2. From the dashboard, click on Apps.

  3. Enter AdNabu in the search bar. 

  4. Select Google Ads Software. 

  5. Click on Add App. 

  6. Shopify will prompt you to verify. Read the terms & conditions and install the app and link your Google Ads account.

  7. Login with your Gmail address which is associated with your Google Ads account.

  8. Google will prompt you to verify. Read the terms & conditions and allow permission.

  9. Go back to your Shopify store to see the “success page”. Google Ads Software is now live and you have activated 14-day free trial (if you haven't availed this before). 

Note: You need not link your merchant center account if you have done it previously.

Set up Google Search Ads for Shopify using Google Ads Software by AdNabu:


Merchant Center Linking:

The first step to start off with shopping campaigns is linking your merchant center account with AdNabu. You can do this by clicking on "have a merchant center" prompt on the dashboard. You can link multiple merchant centers with AdNabu.

Watch AdNabu merchant center linking video.


Campaign Creation:


From the tools menu on the left side of the dashboard, select "campaigns" tab. You will see a list of your existing campaigns. From the drop-down menu of "create" button, select "shopping" campaigns.

You will see a dialogue box which has three simple steps. Fill all the fields and complete all the three stages. Your shopping campaign is ready!

Watch AdNabu shopping campaign creation video.

AdNabu creates Single Product Ad Groups where each product has a separate ad group. SPAGs help you in setting product-level bids and optimizing device-level bids.

Learn more about AdNabu single product ad groups.


Product Selection:


Once your merchant center is linked, you have to select the products you want to advertise. You can pick some of your brands or all of your brands.

You can add more brands after the initial product selection and campaign creation. Select the "campaign group" from the campaign details page. Click on "extend shopping" button next to the campaign group title.

Campaign Priority:


AdNabu automatically runs search terms analysis regularly based on which it creates three campaigns with low (p0), medium (p1) and high (p2) priorities. Keywords that have high ROI are in p0 (low) priority campaign; low ROI keywords are in p1 (medium), and p2 (high) targets unknown keywords.

Note: Never run AdNabu shopping campaigns along with shopping campaigns created in Google Ads.

Read campaign priority explanation article.




We recommend you to wait till you get 20+ conversions on your shopping campaigns before you start optimizing. To set up optimization jobs, you have to select the "campaign group" from the campaign details page and click on the "optimize" button on the top of the campaigns table.

Watch AdNabu shopping campaign optimization video.


Maintenance Jobs:


AdNabu's maintenance jobs for shopping campaigns segregate search terms based on their ROI. After segregation, the jobs automatically add negative keywords lists to shopping campaigns.  Maintenance jobs are created automatically and they run every day. To check the reports, click on the "maintenance" tab on the tools menu on the left of the dashboard.


Expert tip: Always make sure whether your conversion tracking is working properly or not. If you are facing a problem with conversion tracking, you can install our free Google Ads conversion tracking app for Shopify. 


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