Google Ads  Apps for Shopify


Google Ads offers versatile marketing solutions for all marketers without bias. However, for a new Shopify store owner, it can be a bit of a task to get started with Google Ads. From choosing between Search, Shopping and Display campaigns, to selecting the right keywords, then structuring the campaigns as per the best practices and of course, optimizing bids so that you don't spend too much unnecessarily, it is all as important as running your store.


Google Ads AI Software:


AdNabu offers the perfect solution to your Google Ads woes. Google Ads optimization app by AdNabu also takes a majority of Google Ads responsibilities off your hands. Thus, you can concentrate on your store, products, and customers while AdNabu ensures that your Google Ads campaigns are running profitably. This app is one of the best Shopify apps of 2019. And it is a paid Shopify app.






  • Easy integration. Link your Google Ads and Merchant Center account to AdNabu in less than a minute.
  • View all your Google Ads metrics along with Search Term Analysis Reports, Audit Reports and Maintenance Job Reports that are exclusively available only on your AdNabu dashboard.
  • Create Single Keyword Ad Groups for Search campaigns and Single Product Ad Groups for Shopping campaigns.
  • You can also set automatic bid optimization for goals like Conversion Rate, Cost-per-Conversion and Sales Value by Cost.
  • App also automatically sync new products in Merchant Center and create SPAGs for them.
  • Segregate high-performing search terms from low-performing search terms for Shopping campaigns.
  • Negative keywords discovery for Search and Shopping campaigns.
  • A/B testing for landing pages and ad copies for Search campaigns.
  • Long-tail keywords and negative keywords creation for Search campaigns.
  • Besides, get all your performance reports on your email.



Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing App:




Dynamic Remarketing takes your remarketing efforts a step closer to success. Your dynamic Remarketing targets customers based on their activity on your Shopify shops thereby showing them ads about products that they browsed.
You have to set up dynamic remarketing campaigns for your Shopify store in Google Ads. You need a merchant center which links your products list and Google Ads. But this isn't the toughest part. Implementing dynamic remarketing code and creating audiences to target, this is where it gets difficult. The dynamic remarketing tracking should be present on every page of your website, and standard implementation of the code might be prone to errors.
However, you can tackle these problems with one of the best Shopify apps of 2018, AdNabu's dynamic remarketing app. This app generates the code and implements it on all your web pages. It also creates audiences for your remarketing campaign in Google Ads. And you can create your remarketing campaigns using AdNabu's app which is optimized following the best practices. This is a paid Shopify app.




  • 3-step installation. Just download the app, connect your Google Ads and Merchant Center and create your dynamic remarketing campaigns.
  • App installs dynamic remarketing tags on all your Shopify shop web pages.
  • App also automatically creates audiences in your Google Ads.
  • You can create Google Ads dynamic remarketing campaigns using the app.

Try the easiest way to create Dynamic Remarketing for eCommerce stores on Shopify.


Google Ads Conversion Tracking App:




Installing a conversion pixel to your Shopify shop is a hassle. Just the fact that you have to include the tracking code to every page of your website is exhausting. This conversion pixel and tracking code app automatically install the tracking code to all your Shopify webpages and also sets up a conversion pixel in your Google Ads where you can see your shop's actual conversions. And by far, AdNabu’s conversion pixel & tracking app is one of the best Shopify apps of 2019 that does this.




  • The simplest solution to all conversion tracking problems. And, you don't need any knowledge of coding.
  • One-click install. Your conversion pixel will be live in your Google Ads account once you download the app and link your account.
  • The app also eliminates duplicate conversions, valueless conversions and fixes broke tracking pixels.



About AdNabu

AdNabu helps improve sales in Google Ads. if you are running search, shopping or display campaigns in Google Ads, Our software will be able to increase your sales. Sign up today for a 14 day Free trial