How to set up Google Ads Conversion Tracking For Shopify Store in 5 Minutes?

Google Ads campaigns for Shopify store are very sensitive. Every penny that you spend should be accounted for. Hence, it is very important that you know how many clicks your Google Ads are getting and how many of these clicks are bringing conversions. Google Ads conversion tracking helps you keep a track of this.

Setting up the updated (2017) Google Ads conversion tracking for Shopify store can be tricky. You will have to install a part of the tracking code in all your web pages and the other part of the code should only be fired on the “purchase” page or the “checkout” page. Many Shopify store owners find it difficult to track their sales through Google Ads as manual installation of the tracking code results in errors.

Understanding this pain point, we have created a free plug-and-play app for Shopify which sets up Google Ads conversion tracking for you in less than 1 minute. All you have to do is just a few clicks.


To set up Google Ads conversion tracking for Shopify store, follow the steps below:



  • Log in to your Shopify Store.

  • From the dashboard, click on Apps.

  • Enter AdNabu in the search bar. 

  • Select the Conversion Tracking app. 

  • Click on Add App.

  • Shopify will prompt you to verify. Read the terms & conditions and add the app. 

  • Link your Google Ads account. 

  • Login with your Gmail address which is associated with your Google Ads account. 

  • Google will prompt you to verify. Read the terms & conditions and allow permission.

  • You will be redirected to AdNabu’s home page. 

  • Go back to your Shopify store to see the “success page”. Google Ads Conversion tracking for your Shopify store is now live! 



Note: You can also remove all the unnecessary tracking codes that you have installed previously from your Shopify store using our app. Just follow the simple instruction on the “success page.”


Advantages of using Google Ads Conversion Tracking App for Shopify by AdNabu:


  1. No coding skills required: Installing the conversion tracking code for Google Ads has never been this easy. All you need to do is install the app and enter some basic details. You need not have any coding skills as the app automatically does it for you.

  2. Updated tracking system: We update our app to meet the requirements of Google Ads regularly to provide you with an error-free conversion tracking system for your Shopify store.

  3. Free to use app: And the best part, we give this app for free. No strings attached. Plug-and-play when you want to, and just uninstall the app when you don’t.


We also provide Google Ads Management App and Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing App for Shopify users.


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