Expanded Text Ads Tool
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Create the latest ETA ads in all of your existing campaigns. Migrate from old text ads to improve CTR.

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ETA ads vs Regular Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads are the latest ad type from Google to be used in Google Ads. These ads are scheduled to replace old text ads over time and are now default during Google Ads ad creation. ETA ads have a much bigger real estate thanks to 2 Headlines(30 chars each), an expanded description line(80 chars) compared to Regular text ads which had a headline(25 chars) and 2 description lines (35 chars each). Multiple tests have proved that ETA Ads outperform regular text ads in CTR and other comparable benchmarks. ETA ads are also created with a mobile-first approach and fit well in high-end mobile devices where the area of visibility is low. The change in ad format is permanent as old text ads cannot be created or edited after October 26, 2016, although they will continue to run.


Create ETA ads in Existing Campaigns

Although no changes need to be made on old Google Ads campaign structure, it is highly recommended to replace old regular text ads with new ETA ads. ETA ads ideally need to be added in every single ad group of your search campaigns. Since ETA ads have just been released, most advertisers have not yet migrated to the new format. Migrating as early as possible to new ETA ads give an advantage over your competitors by having ads which have more real estate and potentially higher CTR. Using AdNabu ad creation software, it is extremely easy to create thousands of ETA ads in all your campaigns or ad groups. Dynamic keyword injection is also applicable to the new ads and using AdNabu's ad creation software, one can push multiple ads in the same ad group which differ by the use of dynamic keyword injection.


New Campaigns with ETA Ads

ETA ads are not only must for old campaigns but also an integral part of new Google Ads campaigns. Our campaign creation software has inbuilt support for expanded text ads and is the only option during campaign creation. Using AdNabu, One can generate multiple ETA ads in every single keyword ad groups created. This strategy will greatly improve the CTR of existing campaigns. ETA ads are currently supported for regular search campaigns and not for call only, android app install campaigns or iOS app install campaigns and if they get released in future, AdNabu will be one of the first software to have them integrated.