How To Setup Radius Targeting For Your Business




What is Radius Targeting?


Radius targeting(Geo-Targeting) helps position your ad based on country, areas within countries, location group, and the radius around a location and also include business locations and places of interest.


Why target using radius targeting?


Radius targeting helps your ad focus on the location where the right customers are available for your business and restrict you to target the customers who are not available nearby. In turn, helping to increase your Return on Investment (ROI) as the final result.


What are the Types of Geo-Targeting?


Types of Geo-Targeting are as follows:


Based on Country:


Targeting Advertisements to a country or multiple countries is recommended for those having products & services worldwide, It helps in more exposure to the business.

For example, National business catering to an entire nation, International business serving Multiple nations, etc.


Areas within countries:


Targeting ads based on cities, regions, airport, department or municipalities. If your business is serving only in a particular area and to get a higher rate of conversion this targeting is used.



Radius around a location:


Also known as proximity targeting, is used to make customers walk into your place of business, Targeting is done by providing city name, street address locality and zip code.


How to Set up location targeting?


  1. Open your Google Ads account and Click on Campaigns

  2. Select your Campaign and Click on settings

  3. Click the Edit Option, Enter the name that you are targeting  such as postal code etc

  4. Then Click Add and save.


Setting Up location targeting for Multiple locations


  1. Open your Google Ads account and click on campaigns.

  2. Select keywords & Targeting.

  3. Select the location and Click on multiple changes.

  4. Under “Destination” select my data includes columns for campaign or ad groups.

  5. Type in your location or paste changes.

  6. Click process, continue, finish and review changes.



Advanced Location Options:


When targeting by location, Google Ads provides three options as follows:


  • Targeting by search Intent: Targeting area where customers are intentionally searching for either product or service. 

  • Targeting by Physical location: Targeting only those people who are physically located in the targeted area

  • Targeting by both Search intent & Physical Location: Targeting people by both combinations as mentioned above.




This is all about Radius targeting/ Geo-targeting and the best way to get familiar is to practically do it.

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