My Client Center: What is an MCC Account & How to create one for you?




Are you an ambitious advertiser with too many clients? Are you curious to find a dashboard that can help you track, manage, create, and remove Google Ads from a single page? If yes, you will find MCC extremely useful. 


What is a My Client Center (MCC) account?


The My Client Center is also known as “MCC”. Technically, this is an account that can be used to handle your Google AdWords Account. The MCC account will save you from multiple logins, and logout sessions into your separate Google AdWords account. 

 This feature works with the help of a linking system. All the regularly accessed AdWord accounts can be connected with the help of the MCC. And, that is why experts consider this as an umbrella account. 

Google AdWords is a powerful PPC tool used by businesses around the world. And, MCC makes accessing this tool an effortless, and easy move. This makes MCC an essential and potent management solution. 

 If you are an experienced advertiser, with multiple AdWords accounts – you are bound to look for 3rd party solutions that can help you handle all the AdWords from a single window. This is where MCC comes into the picture. MCC acts as a separate platform that will let you view, modify, and handle accounts from a single window. 

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Why use a Google Ads MCC account? 


There are numerous reasons to use the MCC account. The most obvious ones would be as follows:

  1. As mentioned previously, MCC is a single-window that will let you manage and view multiple Google AdWords accounts. This makes the MCC an account manager. 

  2. Common activities like searching, navigation, and AdWords management become easier with the dashboard. The dashboard is carefully designed with features that every advertiser would crave for. Above all, you have a “single” dashboard for all your AdWords needs. 

  3. Do you engage in the creation of campaigns? If yes, you need to have an account that can connect all your AdWords. Once again, MCC proves to be useful in this task. You can design, create, and take care of every campaign from the dashboard.

  4. AdWords serve as the lifeline for most companies. It is essential to compare and contrast performance for results. When you want to gather information from multiple accounts and compare performance – you can use MCC.

  5. Searching for a tool that will help you consolidate billing? When data needs to be extracted from multiple client accounts, you can use a single dashboard. You will be able to generate a single bill for all your AdWords to each and every client. 

  6. AdWords are known for their lively nature. It is essential to keep an eye on all your accounts to be aware of what is happening. When something surprising occurs, you will receive an alert on the MCC dashboard. 

  7. MCC allows users to create Google AdWords accounts too. From the easy to use dashboard, you can create as many AdWords Accounts as required. The process is both fast and efficient. 


When to use an MCC account? 


  1. Now, a lot of advertisers are curious to know “when the MCC” feature becomes handy. Well, there are two interesting points to be remembered, before you answer this question! Google AdWords is an important part of any marketing strategy. 

  2. Large advertisers, with hundreds of clients, often find it difficult to manage their Ads. The hunt for a single account that can handle all their Ads is high. Of course, there are several agencies with features that can help with your Google AdWords accounts. But, these are online marketing solutions, and they will not serve the purposefully. 

  3. The only way to manage Google AdWords is with the help of another “Google” product. And, this turns out to be the My Client Center. MCC is an efficient management solution, for bringing all your client accounts together. In the long run, you will be able to pull together all the information you need for a great campaign. 

  4. When you decide to use MCC, you should be aware of the fact that all your accounts (including MCC) can be connected using a single email. For example, if you have more than 25 Google Ads, you will be able to track conversions, monitor performance rates, and modify Ads from a single spot. 

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How does the Google Ads MCC Account Work? 


In general, MCC turns into an online advertisement manager. The primary reason behind its fame and need would be to save time, access without any hassles and also consolidate billing. With the help of MCC, you can link multiple Ads together. And, all of these Ads can be accessed using a single login. With this being said, here are few pointers to help you understand how Google Ads Manager Accounts work.

  1. To begin with, you must create an MCC account for yourself. Next, you need to link all the Google AdWords to this account. Once the AdWords are linked to your MCC account, you will be able to manage campaigns with just a click of a button. For example, you can choose to pause ads, enable ads, and even change budgets. The labels for every action can be customized. If required, you can create unique rules and automate them. This way, you can start and stop ads remotely.

  2. Whenever a change happens to your Google Ads, you will be sent email notifications. And, for customized alerts, you need to select the option.

  3. MCC is a dashboard that allows you to share access. Multiple advertisers from your organization can share and view the dashboard. You have the privilege to invite new access, and even control the kind of operations every role can perform.

  4. A primary benefit of MCC would be performance monitoring. For an advertiser, it is important to track conversions across multiple Ads. With the MCC tool, you can engage in these activities, and even generate automated reports. You are now limited to dimension or keyword performance reporting! Instead, you can do much more.

  5. The consolidation of bills is a great feature of MCC. If the client is billed using the MCC dashboard, you can use it to update them on budgets, and even track all monthly invoices. Once again, you can create rules to create the bills automatically. 


Limitations of MCC Account 


There are so many interesting features in the MCC account. However, there are a few limitations you should keep in mind. 

  1. First of all, the MCC structure resembles a tree. The total number of “active, non-manager” accounts that can be related to the “manager” in your MCC dashboard depends on the monthly spending of the account. The dashboard takes into consideration the amount you have spent in the past 12 months.

  2. A single Google Ad cannot be related to more than 5 manager MCC dashboard directly. 

  3. A manager account can be managed only by another “manager” account. One manager account cannot be managed by multiple manager accounts.

  4. The client account structure cannot have more than 6 child levels. 

  5. Within an MCC hierarchy, a single Google Ad Account cannot be related to more than one manager. This means every Google Ad can have only a single manager within a given tree structure.

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How to create Google Ads MCC Account 


Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to create the MCC account:

  1. You need to navigate to Google AdWords, and select “Tools”. Here, you need to enter the email address and follow the step by step instruction. 

    1. The chosen email address shouldn’t be associated with a Google Ads Account. 

    2. To open the account, you need a name, time zone, country, and currency.

  2. Next, you need to link the Google Ads to your MCC. In order, to establish a secure link, you need to grant permission to the existing Google Ads Account. You must log in to the Ads Account with your MCC credential. 

  3. You will find a red button in the Ads Account. Here, you need to choose the option “Link Existing Accounts”.

    1. Every Google Ads client is given a unique 10-digit ID. This ID needs to be entered in the “Link Existing accounts text box”. 

    2. The Google Ads Client ID can be associated with multiple Google Ads Accounts.

  4. You can give a name to the link. Once a valid name is given, you should request for approval. 

  5. Soon, you will receive an email from Google. Log into your Google Ads account and approve the request. 

    1. For approving the request, you need to select the link.

    2. Once you are inside the Google Ads Account, you will find a “Settings Gear” 

    3. Click on the Settings Gear and choose “Account Access”. Here, click on “Accept Request” listed in your client manager. 

    4. If you wish to terminate a session, you can choose “Terminate Access”.

The above steps hold good for any number of Google Ads accounts. You can stick to these steps for adding and removing Google Ads to your MCC. 

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How to Link a Google Ads Account to Your MCC Account? 


The process of linking your Google Ads Account to the MCC account needs to be performed without any mistakes. Let’s elaborate more on how the link has to be established:


  1. Log into your Google Ads Manager Account, this is nothing but the MCC dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the “Settings” option. Once you select the “Settings” option, you need to navigate into the “Sub Account Settings” option. You will find these options in the top-most corner of the page.

  3. Next, click on the “plus” button.

  4. You will be given an option called “Link Existing Accounts”. As comprehensive as it appears, this option needs to be chosen when you want to link Google Ads to the MCC dashboard. As mentioned previously, the linking needs your Google Ads Customer ID. 

  5. This ID will be offered to you when you create the Google Ads Account. Regardless of the number of Ads you create, every Ads account will have a separate Customer ID. Keep this ID safe. 

  6. If you wish to link the Google Ads Account to several customer IDs, each ID needs to be entered in the given text box. The IDs need to be populated one after the other. Thus, key in an ID and click on the “enter” button to type the next.

  7. On completion of the above-mentioned process, you will receive an invitation to the entered email address. 

  8. Click on the invitation to accept or reject the operation. 

  9. If you have not approved/rejected an invitation, it can be tracked under the list of “Pending invitations”. 

  10. Once the invitation is approved, you will receive a notification to your MCC dashboard.

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Using the Google Ads MCC dashboard is an interesting experience. If you are an advertiser with too many clients and too many advertisements in Google – you will find the MCC dashboard extremely useful. This is a smart way of managing your Google Ads from a single page. 


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