Difference between Manual extensions and automatic extensions in Google Ads




Today we will discuss what is an Ad Extension, how are Manual Ad Extension different from Automatic Ad Extension and some Ad Extensions best practices.


What is Google Ads Extension?


Ad Extensions are some extra brief of information about your business which can be added to your text ads which include your location, phone number, business ratings, etc.





There are basically two types of Ad Extensions which are Manual Ad Extension and Automatic Ad Extension. You should note that ad extensions don’t always show your information, therefore, it’s important to keep the most important information in your Text Ads and the other information in the extensions.

 Benefits Of Google Ads Extensions:


Be it automated or manual, ad extensions are launched to improve the output from the ad copies. Below are a few benefits of adding extensions to Google Ads:


Click count Increment:


Ad Extensions increase the physical size of your ads on the results page. Your ads are more visible with useful information. These enlarged ads are attractive and can persuade users to click.


Click-through Rate Enhancement:


Clickthrough Rate is important metrics for online ads. The better the clickthrough rate, the higher are the chances of conversions. Ads with extensions are found to have a higher clickthrough rate than ads without extensions. And ads with multiple extensions perform better than ads with a single extension.


Ad Rank Improvement:


Google Ads Extensions have a direct impact on the rank of the ads. When calculating Ad Rank, Max CPC and Quality Score are considered along with the expected result of ad extensions and formats. This has also been confirmed by Google.


Higher chances of Conversions:


With ad extensions in place, not just the click count increases, but also the click quality. Ads with extensions allow users to make a well-informed click. And the users who get to the landing page are most likely to make a purchase.


Quality Score Boost:


An increase in the click count and an enhanced click-through rate lead to a chance of better conversion rate. These facts improve the ad rank by boosting the Quality Score of keywords.



Google Ads Ad Extension types


Ad Extensions is a feature through which advertisers can show additional business information such as an address, phone number, etc. Google Ads offers two types of ad extensions; Automatic extensions and Manual extensions.


Google Ads Automated Extensions


Automated ad extensions are those that Google adds to an ad copy if that extension is predicted to improve the ad’s performance. Google Ads automated Extension types are listed below.

  • Automated Call Extensions
  • Automated Location Extensions
  • Consumer Rating Extensions
  • Dynamic Sitelink Extensions
  • Dynamic Structured Snippets
  • Previous Visits Extensions
  • Seller Rating Extensions
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