How to start with Google Display Planner?




Today we are going to discuss how you can use display planner to make custom-made advertising strategies our results and some rules to set targets for the display network.

The Google Display Planner is a tool in Google Ads which helps to expand our reach of the display campaigns while targeting relevant users for our business. It is generally used to make our research on placements better. It is easy to use and can save you time.



How to start with Google Display Planner?


We can locate the Google Display Planner option in Google Ads by going to Tools and Analysis menu in Google Ads. There are options for us which we can use on Google Display Planner which I will be listing them below.

  • You can tell Google what our customers are interested in by using a word, phrase or a set of keywords separated by a comma.

  • We can give Google our landing page URL which will help to find relevant targeting suggestions. If you don’t want to run both either insert the keywords or the landing page URL.

  • You have to select the country and language that you would like to target and then click on “Get Ideas”.

  • When your request is processed you will get an exceptional list of keywords, interest, topics, and placements to target.


Now we will see how can we customize our results in the below extract.


What can we do to create custom-made Advertising Strategies for our results?


There are some steps which you will need to follow:


  • You have to create new ad groups based on what the tool has suggested. You will be able to customize the results which matched your strategy.

  • You can filter results by text ads, rectangle and square images, skyscraper images as well as leaderboard images.

  • You can filter results by mobile and video ads.

  • You can show only above the fold ad space.

  • You can filter by the operating system of app placements.

  • You can find out about the age and gender of your search results.

  • You can add the results directly to your account which will be added as paused for you t work on them and you can create custom-made advertising strategies.

  • You can now go to “Your Plan” on the right sidebar where you can put together planned ad groups.

  • You can assess the plan and get an approximation of impressions, costs and unique visitors.

  • Navigate and make changes through it till you get your best campaign objectives and then you can download the plan and add it directly to your campaign.


Rules for setting a target on the display network:


Below mentioned is the Rules:


  • You should create custom advertising messages for each ad group.

  • You should use as many image dimensions as possible so that you can test various placements.

  • You should use both text and image ads.

  • You should customize your bids by placements.

  • You should add negative placements when websites aren’t performing well.

  • You should change display ads every 3 to 4 weeks to keep fresh and attractive content.




Display Planner is used for making your research easier. I hope you would have understood everything about it and the rules you should follow for better targeting. This will help you get more conversions for your business.



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