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Google Ads is an advertisement platform from Google which helps businesses to promote brands, content, products, services, websites etc through keyword and help gain traffic & leads.
Isn’t it Interesting to know the benefits of Google Ads?
Few Benefits of Google Ads :


  • Better Brand Awareness, Relevancy and Cost Effective

  • Efficient & Faster results than SEO

  • Outrank your competitors and many more


Imagine the benefits! If you are stuck in the middle of a Google Ads campaign/optimization and trying hard to seek for help or guidance.

Don’t worry we are here to help you Discover multiple ways to get support from Google Ads Team.


Ways to get support from Google Ads Team:


Ways to get support from Google Ads Team are the following



In the search bar of your browser type or click and you can describe your issue and get a detailed answer from the team.


Ways to get support from Google Ads Team through searc




If you’re not comfortable with writing the issue, then you can also search for the categories such as Consumer, Business, and Developer by scrolling down in

  1. Consumer category gives a solution for tools & applications such as Blogger, Docs editor, Picasa, Google Drive etc. 
  2. The business category under Google help Include solutions to various applications such as Google cloud, AdSense, Search Ads 360, Google Ad Manager etc.
  3. Developer Category under Google help consist solutions for application such as Play Console, Admob, GDG, Cast Developer etc.


Ways to get support from Google Ads Team through categories




If you’re in a hurry and cannot wait any more, pick the phone and dial the number 1-866-246-6453 or 1-855-808-2978 for the United States.


Ways to get support from Google Ads Team through call


Ways to get support from Google Ads Team through call usa


Other Ways of getting help from Google Ads support Team:


Apart from the above options, Google AdWords support Team also provides Video chat that can be scheduled according to the user’s preference and Email Chat for specific question or Issue.

  • Email Chat: For Specific issue Here.
  • Video Chat: Schedule Here.


In a Nutshell:


These are the top-notch ways that you can get support from Google Ads support Team, Google Ads Team always keeps updating their software in order to best serve their customers and clients, In a similar way you also need to be updated.

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