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Today we will discuss Average Position in Google Ads, how can you analyze your average position and how can you adjust your Ad Position. Understanding this will help you gain more traffic to your website and get more conversions. Let’s get started.


What is the Average Position?


Average position is a score which is given by Google that is calculated based on your quality score and bid. Advertisers with better ad quality, keywords and landing page are rewarded with the good position from Google. If your average position is from 1 to 4 that means your ad will be on the first page of Google. Suppose your average position is “1.0, 1.2 or 2.3” then your ad will be on top i.e. “1&2”.

Your Ad position is calculated by a number of impressions you get on your ad.


How to Analyze your Average Position?


You have to follow some steps to analyze your average position in Google Ads. I will be listing them below.


  • You have to first select a single day option.

  • Then Navigate to Dimensions Tab.

  • Segment it by “Hour Of the Day”.

  • You should also see “Search Impression Share” and “Search Lost IS(rank)” for better understanding that will tell you your average position throughout the day and see if you have lost impression share due to Ad Rank.

  • To see how many times in a day you were actually in your average position you should check out the Pivot table.


By checking all the tables as I have mentioned above you must have got an idea what’s happening with your average position. This will help you in optimizing your campaigns and getting more conversions for your business.


How to Adjust your Ad Position?



If you are not satisfied with your average position you need to decrease your bid to be able to get in a lower position for the best CPA or you should increase your bids and focus to increase your quality score so that you can improve your ad rank and ad position. These are the two things which are really important if you want to adjust your Ad Position.




As we know clearly about the average position in Google Ads now you can use the methods I have mentioned to check out your Average position and lower your position to get the best conversion, Hopefully, you have understood all about Average Position.

If you find any difficulty in Google Ads you can check out our article on Google Ads help.





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