Google Ads and Zapier Integrations

2019 Feb. 14

Google Ads and Zapier Integrations new

If you are running Google Ads and want to integrate with some third-party apps, you will find the task daunting. 

First, you would need to get Google Developer API token. This in itself is no easy task. Then you would have to write code to integrate Google Ads with your favorite app. 

Not only is this time consuming, but you would also need to take help from a developer to do so. There has to be a better way. 


Almost 3000 people want a better way when they asked Zapier to create this integration. Your wait is finally over :). 

We have released our Zapier app which will connect Google Ads with your favorite apps.

Why Zapier?

Zapier makes api communication between many apps easy. They allow you to do this by creating Zaps. Zap in the simplest case consists of a trigger and an action.


Some examples of a Trigger

  •  a new sale in your Shopify store
  • a new subscriber for your mailing list

Some examples of an action

  • send an email
  • create an entry in google sheet

More than 1000 apps are live in Zapier platform. This means that you don't need to write code for integrating them. You can create a Zap instead

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads helps you place ad in the search results. Google Ads are a must if your customers are searching for your solution online. 


There are 5 types of Google ad campaigns

  1. Search
  2. Shopping
  3. Display
  4. Videos
  5. Universal App

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Why the integration?

A lot of our customers have been asking for integrations with Google Ads. Since we understand Google Ads well, We created them for our customers. 

But we know that a lot of advertisers share the same problems. This was the reason for us to create Zapier integration for Google Ads.

What can AdNabu integration do?

There are 3 actions we are exposing right now. 

These are

  1. Add an email id to a Google Customer Match list
  2. Add an offline conversion
  3. Pause a campaign

Add an email id to Google Customer Match list

Many of you might be aware that Google allows you to run search and gmail ads on email addresses. The process involves uploading a list of email ids to Google. 

Google then maps these email ids to the users and can run targeted ads. Problem with this setup is updating the Customer match list. Every time a new email id found, One has to update the list manually. 

This is something AdNabu can automate. Using our zap, You can update the customer match list in your account immediately.

Add an Offline conversion

Google can track offline conversions as well as online conversions. Many of you might wonder how can Google track an offline conversion?. Well you need to help Google a bit as well.

Every time someone clicks on an ad, Google sends a unique id called as gclid to the landing page. You need to store this id somewhere safe. 

Now let's assume that the lead from this click purchases something offline. You can update Google about this by uploading an offline conversion data. While uploading this data, Google uses gclid to find which ad resulted in the conversion. 

Google can then show you this conversion in their dashboard & optimize your campaigns. You can imagine how much effort it will be to upload an offline conversion every time it happens. 

AdNabu can automate this for you. Using our zap, you can upload the offline conversion as long as you have the gclid.

Pausing a campaign.

Pausing a campaign is no big task. You can do it with a simple click.

 Why an integration then you ask?. You spend a significant amount of money in Google Ads. What if the clicks generated by your ad campaigns lands on a site that is not live?. 

Although rare, Sites can go offline for some time. It is wise to pause your campaigns whenever such a scenario arises. There are a lot of website monitoring systems available for this.


 If you are using any of them, AdNabu can integrate with them via Zapier.

AdNabu helps improve sales in Google Ads. if you are running search, shopping or display campaigns in Google Ads, Our software will be able to increase your sales. Sign up today for a 14 day Free trial


AdNabu is not just about Google Ads and Zapier. Using our software, you can create more profitable campaigns. 

We have experience working with 1000s of Google Ads accounts. You can start a free trial of 14 days with AdNabu by logging in here.

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