Create Effective Shopping Campaigns in Google Ads

When working with AdNabu, advertisers typically see a 30% increase in performance in their Shopping Campaigns. We use the best practices, effective strategy and bid optimization to create high performing and profitable Shopping Campaigns for you.

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Efficient Single Product Ad Groups 

With Single Product Ad Groups, we improve your Shopping Campaigns to make them more profitable and give you more control. We show you what search words each of your products attract and how much money individual products generate. This allows you to optimize bids, improve product titles and focus on the most profitable products to increase Shopping Campaign's performance and success. 


Identification of high ROI keywords 

Google Ads does not allow keyword targeting in Shopping Campaigns, but at AdNabu we help you do this by segregating your campaigns according to high performing searches, low performing searches, and new searches. This search discovery is done automatically by us and results in multiple bids for the same product. 


Real Time Product Syncing

Launching your Shopping Campaign is only the first step. Google Ad campaigns require constant upgrades and updates and AdNabu helps you do this effortlessly by

- Syncing your products with Google Merchant Center in near real time

- Creating new ad groups for new products.

- Auto-pausing out of stock products.

- Automatically assigning bids to new products.