Product Specific Search Campaigns

Building a search campaign for each of your products is quite a daunting task. AdNabu helps you simplify this mammoth undertaking with fully-customize options. This way, you can easily target customers who know exactly what they're looking for. 

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Search for specific products

While most search campaigns might require you to target categories, we make it easier by targeting specific products. We can help you identify searches for every single product available and create single keyword ad groups. The conversion rate is bound to be better and for the same ad spend, it’s more revenue as well!


Broaden searches from product to a category

You can also make searches category-based, instead of product-oriented. We can also help you create ads for such searches automatically when you want to look for a category instead of zoning in on a product.


Build custom ad templates from feed descriptions

AdNabu can help to build custom ad designs and templates for products from a merchant center or directly from your website catalog data. Specify which feed data variables need to be replaced by actual product data and watch the tool do the job for you.