Long Tail Keyword Tool
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Find profitable long tail keywords from your existing campaigns automatically.

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Long Tail Keywords

A long tail keyword is a keyword/phrase which is usually longer than a regular keyword. The intent of such long tail keywords is very specific to the product/service an advertiser is running the campaign for. For example, a short tail keyword lawyer is generic, but a long tail keyword family lawyer in California is specific. Competition for long tail keywords may be relatively lower than it is for short tail keywords as very few advertisers focus on them in their campaigns. It is highly recommended to include long tail keywords while creating a Google Ads search campaign as it would help to get more relevant traffic at the same budget.


Importance Of Long Tail Keywords

It has been observed fairly regularly that conversion ratios are higher for campaigns with long tail keywords. This can be attributed to the fact that the intent of such keywords is very specific to the product/service offered. Long tail keywords have an interesting compound effect in reducing the cost per conversion owing to a lower cost per click due to the highly relevant ads. It also helps that most advertisers bid only for the top level keywords instead of long tail keywords thereby making long tail keywords cheaper. AdNabu automatically targets long tail keywords and uses the data heavily for optimizing campaigns more efficiently.


Google Ads Long Tail Keyword Tool

While creating a campaign, AdNabu creates long tail keywords automatically from the keywords given by the user. Advertisers can save significant time as they no longer have to worry about keyword planning or structuring. Once the campaign is created and it starts getting impression and clicks, AdNabu automatically will find new long tail keywords and add it to the campaign by analyzing the search query report. Optimization of campaigns does not stop just at adding long tail keywords, AdNabu also tracks the keyword performance and sets up highly specific bids which reflect each long tail keyword's performance. for e.g., AdNabu customer can bid $5 for lawyer, $15 for lawyer in California and $10 for best lawyer, whereas a competitor can only bid $10 for all the keywords. It is a very easy guess on who will get the most relevant traffic after auctions.