Keyword Planner Tool 

for Google Ads

Find ideal keywords to target in your search campaigns and their traffic volume and budget.

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Find Right Keywords

Before creating any Google Ads campaign, it is highly recommended to find out keywords which have the right intent and significant search volume. Targeting keywords which do not have any search volume no matter how relevant these might sound is a futile exercise as the necessary data needed to optimize the campaign or any decision will be sorely missing. Targeting the right keywords with good search volume will ensure that advertisers get a predictable number of clicks and conversions repeated every single week.


Keyword Recommendation

AdNabu's Keyword Planner Tool helps you identify the right keywords to advertise for automatically. By analyzing the landing page, We will be able to predict the best possible keywords matching a given landing page. We typically suggest up to 10 highly relevant search terms for your consideration just by looking at the landing page you are going to use for advertising. You can select them or add new search terms as per your choice. The Google Ads keyword tool is inbuilt in our campaign creation software and one need not do the planning of keywords separately. Our tool will automatically create long tail keywords from this input without even the need for a keyword multiplier.


Keyword Budget Estimate

Estimating how much you would have to spend in Google Ads while advertising is a tricky question to answer. By using AdNabu's Google Ads Keyword Planner tool, we can estimate the weekly search volume that can be expected for a keyword or group of keywords for a target location of your choice. The estimate can be used to create a budget plan as well as decide how much should be the initial bid be. From this estimate, it is also possible to approximate the cost that will be incurred daily as well as the clicks which can be generated.