Bid optimization

for Google Ads 

Maximize profit / conversions or clicks from Google Ads  campaigns using our bid optimization software.

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Optimize All Campaigns At Once

Most successful Google Ads campaigns have thousands of Ad Groups and many more keywords. Optimizing the campaigns for maximum conversions is a repetitive task done through messy scripts and excel files. Even with all this manual effort, finding the conversion ratios of keywords with insignificant data is much more difficult than one can imagine. Then there is the variation based on user location, device and days of the week. All these complex adjustments can quickly grow out of hand and any meaningful optimization can become extremely tiresome and error-prone operation.

Optimize-All-Campaigns-At Once-AdNabu

Bid Optimization Software

Optimizing Campaigns through AdNabu is a breeze. One can optimize thousands of keywords and Ad Groups at once through the software. Bid Optimizations job runs daily and calculates the best bid to be placed to help you reach the desired cost per conversion or the return on investment (conversion value/cost). You can configure the jobs to be run at any time of your choice, daily or weekly. We highly recommend running the optimization every day. Through AdNabu, You can configure multiple campaigns or a single campaign and have a separate cost per conversion target for mobile and desktop.


Powerful Algorithm

Our customers see upwards of 40% improvement in their campaigns thanks to powerful algorithms developed after years of research and gigabytes of data processing. Our algorithm can predict future conversion ratios of keywords even with very little past data accurately. We achieve a better optimization than Google by creating relationships between keywords whereas Google treats every keyword as a unique one. Our software also predicts the conversion ratios of different match types with much better accuracy. The strategy used for optimization is called rule-based bid optimization.