Quickly find mistakes 
in Google Ads

Easily find $ saving google ads mistakes like missing ad groups, keywords, extensions and ways to improve performance.

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Common Google Ads (Adwords) Mistakes

Managing a large Google Ads account takes a significant amount of time and manual work. One has to look at thousands of Ad Groups spread over 100s of campaigns to find mistakes that could happen in any one of those campaigns or ad groups. Many times these small mistakes can happen suddenly after a google Ads (Adwords) account to update or change in existing policies. Similarly finding Ad Groups which has missing keywords while you push them via Google Ads editor or some automated Google Ads management software is extremely hard.


Automated Audit for Google Ads (Adwords) 

AdNabu's Google Ads (Adwords) audit software can do the routine health check and audit of your Google Ads account and its running campaigns. We look at every single campaign in the Google Ads  Account and find the most common mistakes that can happen in the account. Our software looks at missing keywords in an Ad Group, missing ads in an Ad Group, missing bids at the Ad Group level as a basic health check. We also understand the importance of site links and analyze which campaigns and ad groups miss them so that you can proactively fix the problems and take the campaigns to the next level of performance.


Quality Score, Match Types & Impressions

Google Ads quality score is an important metric for advertisers who want to improve the quality of ads and potentially reduce the cost associated with them. The quality score measures the relevance of the ad to the search user is performing and the relevance of the landing page to the ad. A high-quality score signifies a good ad and appropriate landing page and potential to save money for every single click. Quality score is also a parameter to decide how much should an advertiser pay per click. AdNabu shows you the impression distribution with respect to quality score. If a higher number of impressions are coming from keywords with a high-quality score, The cost will be automatically lower.