Automated Management for Google Ads

Create new ads, ad groups & keywords for missing search terms in a campaign and optimize them continuously.

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Maintain Large Campaigns

The first step of a Google Ads expert is to create a well structured Google Ads campaign. Once the campaign is created it is important to ensure that all the best practices and structure is followed when a new keyword or ad group is added, edited or removed. Finding new keywords especially long tail keywords will help unearth opportunities which your competitors might have missed. Maintaining large Google Ads campaigns with thousands of Ad Groups and keywords becomes a tiresome and error-prone task. it is almost impossible to follow all the best practices manually and to create unique ads in every ad group.


Add Long Tail Keywords

AdNabu can identify long tail searches which should ideally be targeted via separate ad groups and from your existing campaign automatically. We automatically create these Ad Groups with long tail keywords in them all the while keeping the best practices and structure in place. Long tail keywords are identified by analyzing the search term reports to find high potential searches which have not been targeted via any existing keyword in an exact match ad group. Targeting these keywords via separate Ad Groups will allow more targeted bidding and higher quality score.


Maintain Google Ads Structure

Ad Groups and Long tail keywords can be added automatically or manually via AdNabu. It is recommended to add keywords only through AdNabu and not via Google Ads as the structure cannot be maintained if added via Google Ads. We ensure that all new Ad Groups are single keyword Ad Groups and that there are multiple Ad Groups for different match types. Our software also ensures that no keyword is repeated across campaigns and there is zero internal competition. Internal competition can happen between long tail keywords and short tail keywords as well as different match types of the same keyword. AdNabu can identify these competitions automatically and will avoid it from ever happening.