Perfect Campaigns 
for Google Ads

All the best practices for campaign structuring and creation used  by Top Google Ads  experts.

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Google Ads Is Complicated

Creating a Google Ads campaign after finding the right keywords and with scientific keyword structure is one of the most important requirements for a successful and profitable search campaign. This usually requires help from a Google certified professional who can help an advertiser create such a campaign structure. But even Google Ads experts find it extremely hard and time-consuming to follow all the best practices in Google. There are millions of ways users can search in Google and figuring out the best way to target these users is a hard problem.


Create Perfect Google Ads  Campaigns

The problem of campaign creation is solved elegantly by AdNabu. We create campaigns that follow all the best practices in Google Ads perfected over the years by leading marketing experts. Even if you are completely new to Google Ads, The campaigns created by you though AdNabu will automatically have all the best practices. All campaigns will have an extensive list of keywords arranged into different single keyword Ad Groups thanks to our keyword planner tool which identifies the right keywords to target for a given domain. We also create separate Ad Groups for the 3 match types offered by Google Ads - Exact, Phrase & Broad. These best practices over time will help you identify keywords which are most profitable to you and target them better. All of these ad groups will also have multiple ads which amount to thousands of ads per campaign.


Avoiding Internal Competition

Creating a campaign with all possible combination of keywords is just one part of campaign creation. If not created properly, keywords can compete against each other. For eg: Exact, Phrase and Broad keywords of the same keyword can compete against each other. Long tail and short tail keywords can also compete against each other. AdNabu avoids this problem by use of campaign structuring tool and negative keyword tool which avoids any internal competition by intelligent use of negative keywords. Our software also detects duplicate keywords across campaigns before they are created and avoid any unnecessary cost.