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Multiple Ads Per Ad Group

It is absolutely necessary to improve current running ads in a scientific manner over time to maximize your ROI from Google Ads campaigns. it is a highly recommended best practice to add a minimum of 4 ads in an Ad Group and let Google figure out the best performing ad over time. This strategy ensures that better ads are prioritized over time and Google shows them more often to customers. Adding multiple ads, if you have thousands of Ad Groups is nothing but a nightmare. the time spent will be enormous and you should be ideally diagnosing bigger problems in the Google Ads account.


Create Thousands of Ads

Creating Ads through AdNabu is extremely easy. Even while creating Google Ads Campaigns, we create multiple ads inside an Ad Group as a best practice. Usually campaigns created through AdNabu has thousands of Ad Groups, hence the number of Ads is around 4 times that number. AdNabu also makes it extremely easy to create an editable ad template which can be used to create ads across multiple campaigns and Ad Groups. These ads can be edited later and used to update thousands of ads.


Dynamic Keyword Injection

When users search for a product or service, they are most likely to click on an ad which has the exact keywords in it. Google Ads makes it easy for advertisers to do so with the feature of dynamic injection tags. Part of Ads with dynamic keyword injection is replaced what the user is searching for automatically. AdNabu takes this concept a bit further and allows you to create multiple ads with dynamic keyword injection or dki. These ads can be created for call only campaigns, android app installs campaigns, iOS app installs campaigns as well as regular search campaigns.