AdNabu Features Collections 




1. Google Ads Management 


After setting up a google ads campaign and ad group, it needs to be optimized regularly to get the desired results. Optimizing all of your campaigns is the most complex task in Google Adwords. It means along with a lot of hard work, you should be able to extract actionable insights from data and be able to put those insights into action.

According to experts, the following are a few areas which they recommend you to concentrate on to optimize your campaigns and get desired results.
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2. Effective Shopping Campaigns


When working with AdNabu, advertisers typically see a 30% increase in performance in their Shopping Campaigns. We use the best practices, effective strategy and bid optimization to create high performing and profitable Shopping Campaigns for you.


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3. Product Specific Search Campaigns


Building a search campaign for each of your products is quite a daunting task. AdNabu helps you simplify this mammoth undertaking with fully-customized options. This way, you can easily target customers who know exactly what they're looking for.


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4. AdNabu Keyword Tools 


AdNabu Provides multiple tools to ease the process of finding the right keywords, structuring them and estimating the budget.


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5. Keyword Structuring Tool for Google Ads


AdNabu Offers this Keyword structuring tool to Structure your Google Ads account with all the best practices. 


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6. Negative Keyword Tool for Google Ads


AdNabu offers this Google Ads negative keyword tool to Automatically find and create negative keywords to stop advertising on bad keywords.


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7.  Keyword Planner tool for Google Ads


AdNabu offers this Keyword planner tool for you to Find ideal keywords to target in your search campaigns and their traffic volume and budget.


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8. Long Tail Keyword Tool for Google Ads


AdNabu offers this long-tail keyword tool for you to Find profitable long-tail keywords from your existing campaigns automatically.


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9. Duplicate Keyword Tool for Google Ads


AdNabu offers this Duplicate keyword tool for you to Automatically find and remove duplicate keywords which would have caused internal competition.


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10. Keyword Multiplier Tool for Google Ads


AdNabu offers this Keyword multiplier tool for you to Create long-tail keywords from a small list of keywords automatically.


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11. Google Ads Campaigns Optimization tool


Using AdNabus Google Ads campaign optimization tools, build a powerful campaign that is impactful, cost-effective and can adapt to changes.


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12. Ad creation using Adnabu


Creating Ads through AdNabu is extremely easy. Even while creating Google Ads Campaigns, we create multiple ads inside an Ad Group as a best practice. Usually, campaigns created through AdNabu has thousands of Ad Groups, hence the number of Ads is around 4 times that number. AdNabu also makes it extremely easy to create an editable ad template which can be used to create ads across multiple campaigns and Ad Groups. These ads can be edited later and used to update thousands of ads.


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13. Automated Reporting for Google Ads


Google Ads data is extremely complicated and hard to digest. There are multiple comparison metrics and performance metrics for Google Ads which are hard to find. Even basic metrics like impressions, conversions, cost per conversion can be buried deep inside the buttons. Multiple campaign types in Google Ads also have custom data metric. for eg: Shopping campaigns will have product group and product data specific data and GSP campaigns will have open rates and click-through rates specific to email ads. Even if you are familiar with all this data, it is a hard task to go to Google Ads every day, download the report and analyze them.


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14. Bid optimization for Google Ads 


Optimizing Campaigns through AdNabu is a breeze. One can optimize thousands of keywords and Ad Groups at once through the software. Bid Optimizations job runs daily and calculates the best bid to be placed to help you reach the desired cost per conversion or the return on investment (conversion value/cost). You can configure the jobs to be run at any time of your choice, daily or weekly. We highly recommend running the optimization every day. Through AdNabu, You can configure multiple campaigns or a single campaign and have a separate cost per conversion target for mobile and desktop.


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15. Create Perfect Campaigns for Google Ads


The problem of campaign creation is solved elegantly by AdNabu. We create campaigns that follow all the best practices in Google Ads perfected over the years by leading marketing experts. Even if you are completely new to Google Ads, The campaigns created by you through AdNabu will automatically have all the best practices. All campaigns will have an extensive list of keywords arranged into different single keyword Ad Groups thanks to our keyword planner tool which identifies the right keywords to target for a given domain. We also create separate Ad Groups for the 3 match types offered by Google Ads - Exact, Phrase & Broad. These best practices over time will help you identify keywords which are most profitable to you and target them better. All of these ad groups will also have multiple ads which amount to thousands of ads per campaign.


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16. Automated Management for Google Ads


The first step of a Google Ads expert is to create a well structured Google Ads campaign. Once the campaign is created it is important to ensure that all the best practices and structure is followed when a new keyword or ad group is added, edited or removed. Finding new keywords especially long-tail keywords will help unearth opportunities which your competitors might have missed. Maintaining large Google Ads campaigns with thousands of Ad Groups and keywords becomes a tiresome and error-prone task. it is almost impossible to follow all the best practices manually and to create unique ads in every ad group.


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17. Quickly find mistakes in Google Ads


Managing a large Google Ads account takes a significant amount of time and manual work. One has to look at thousands of Ad Groups spread over 100s of campaigns to find mistakes that could happen in any one of those campaigns or ad groups. Many times these small mistakes can happen suddenly after a google Ads account to update or change in existing policies. Similarly finding Ad Groups which has missing keywords while you push them via Google Ads editor or some automated Google Ads management software is extremely hard.


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