Google Ads (AdWords) Shopping Campaigns in 3 Steps

Step 1 : Link Merchant Center

Google merchant center contains all product related information which can be used for advertising in Google. By linking Google merchant center with AdNabu, information about your products from brand, category, google product category can be used to segregate products. AdNabu uses this information to automatically create campaigns from product feed. The campaigns can be segregated by brand, google product category or product type. Google merchant center data is also used while optimizing shopping campaigns by approximating data for products which might not have enough data. Approximation is done by analyzing conversion data of most relevant products which can be defined as the ones sharing same brand name, product type or google product category.

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Step 2 : Create Shopping Campaigns

Syncing your data to Google merchant center is only the first step towards creating a great shopping campaign. These products have to be categorized into multiple product groups and then divided into ad groups to start any shopping campaign. Shopping campaigns by default creates one product group for all your products. This strategy however severely limits your ability to optimize shopping campaigns as the same bid is placed for every single product and there is no way to selectively exclude searches for a particular product. AdNabu solves this problem by creating single product ad groups which allows you set highly targeted bids as well as enables you to put negative keywords at the product level.

Step 3 : Set Up ROI Bid Optimization

After starting a shopping campaign through AdNabu, Optimizing your campaigns for maximum sales is the logical next step. AdNabu's bid optimization algorithm looks at the performance of every single product advertised in the account and calculates the best bid that needs to be placed for a product. The best bid is calculated by looking at a product's conversion ratio in the past. if significant data is not available for a product, AdNabu looks at related products and approximates the conversion ratio automatically. The device level variation in conversion ratio is also taken into account and bids are placed separately for mobiles, desktops as well as tablets.

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Shopping Campaign Best Practices

All Shopping campaigns have the following best practices automatically implemented

Single Product Ad Groups

Your e-commerce store can have thousands of products spread across multiple categories and brands. While creating campaigns, it is best recommended to create a single ad group for every single product. This way performance of every single product can be measured separately.

Automated Syncing

New products are added and old products are removed almost every day from an e-commerce store. After syncing with Google merchant center, it is important to create new ad groups in AdWords for these products. AdNabu creates ad groups from merchant center automatically for you.

Custom Optimization

Sellers have tons of information related to products and using them intelligently to identify which products work and which doesn't is the core to optimizing strategy. AdNabu uses this custom information to fine tune the bidding strategy for your shopping campaigns.

Device Level Bid Adjustments

E-commerce searches in mobile, desktop and tablets can have varied conversion ratios. An intelligent advertiser would account for this to maximize conversions. AdNabu can do device level bid adjustments for all products and ad groups automatically by looking at past conversion data.

AdNabu Demo for Google Shopping

Step by step tutorial on how to create shopping campaigns through AdNabu

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