Best Digital Marketing Agencies with Google Partner Badge in Hong Kong 1 to 20 out of 82

The following digital marketing agencies have offices in Hong Kong and are Google partners. These Google Ads agencies are fluent in any one of 43 languages and are specialized in Adwords Search. They have special expertise in any of the main industries and can support you in various aspects of Google Ads (AdWords).

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China Way Advertising (International) Company Ltd

Min Spend : $637
China Way Advertising (International) Company Limited is a certified Google Partner and the Baidu International authorized SME reseller. Our company has gained high reputation in Hong Kong since founded in 1988. Our worldwide business network integrate to the United States, European, Canada, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and China. In 2017, with the rapid change in e-commerce, we offer a wild range of marketing solutions for customers. China Way concentrates our resources to promote through well-known portals with performance base platforms and result targeting such as Google, Baidu and Sogou and on the popular social networking media channels, such as Facebook, Wechat, Tencent 腾讯 Banner AD, Online TV, Stream ADs , Native ADs and Weibo in China and Hong Kong. 華暉廣告(國際)有限公司為Google Partners 及 百度國際授權SME代理。公司於1988年成立,一直以來在香港廣告代理行業獲得了極高的聲譽。 我們的業務網絡開拓至全球包括美國、歐洲、加拿大、日本,韓國,東南亞,台灣,中國大陸等地區。 在2017年,隨著電子商務的迅速變化,網站平台變遷及手機廣告日益重要,華暉廣告(國際)集中資源為客戶提供了一個多元化的營銷方案,供客戶選擇,在知名 媒體平台爭取有效廣告位置,提升客戶回報率 (ROI) ,如谷歌 Google、百度Baidu、Youtube和 搜狗Sogou以及對流行的社交網絡量身定制不同的營銷計劃,如Facebook , 微博Weibo和 微信WeChat 騰訊移動網絡BANNER廣告 及Online TV等,我司專業服務為客戶提供網上優勢去拓展最新市場及爭取目標顧客群眾。

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