Ugly Christmas Sweaters is first of its kind Funny & Fancy Christmas Sweater Online Store based on Walled Lake, Michigan. Ugly Christmas sweaters marketing team was searching for a perfect solution which could reduce their effort on optimizing Google Ads campaigns and also improve their ROI. Before AdNabu optimizing their Google Ads Campaigns is a tedious and less effective process. The reason for this is their ever-changing catalog and the sheer number of products.


One-stop Shop for Christmas Apparels

Ugly Christmas Sweaters is the de facto one-stop shop for Christmas apparel (including sweaters, jackets, leggings, pajamas, and onesies) that are silly, outrageous, obnoxious and funny. They were founded in 2012 at Michigan. They were the first to introduce a customizable Ugly Christmas Sweater where visitors can create their own customized Sweater by selecting patterns, colors and uploading a photo of their choosing. Their collection is varied and has some amazing options like 3d sweaters, sweaters with led lighting and more. Designs are always up-to-date with topics ranging from TV series to political humor.


Growing Business Profitably

The team at Ugly Christmas Sweaters were not new to marketing. They knew the value of online ads and were investing heavily in Google Ads. The challenge for them was in optimizing the campaigns. The searches for Christmas Sweaters peak just before Christmas and is highly seasonal in nature. Predicting how the keywords work in such a short interval was one of the main issues faced by the marketing team. Their keyword-based search ads, as a result, were not profitable. Any optimization efforts from their side drastically reduced the scale of the campaigns. Shopping ads, on the other hand, were almost break-even. The marketing team however needed to show some profit from their Shopping campaigns. The ever-changing catalog and the sheer number of products prevented them from having a clear optimization plan.


More conversions 


Growth in Campaigns


Reduction in CPA


Product-specific ads for shopping

One of the first steps after using AdNabu was to restructure search and shopping campaigns. AdNabu created exhaustive long tail keywords and created separate single keyword ad groups. Instead of 20 keywords previously, AdNabu created 1200 keywords. This helped the team pinpoint keywords which were working profitably for them. This data along with our bid optimization helped the team to double down their spends on these keywords.


We are currently using AdNabu to manage our Shopping as well as Search campaigns. Their insights have allowed us to scale our campaigns by over 30%

- Hiral Patel, Ecommerce Marketing Specialist


Shopping keywords

For shopping campaigns, AdNabu created single product ad groups. This helped Ugly Christmas Sweaters identify best-performing products in their catalog. With the help of AdNabu’s bid optimization software, They could now optimize these products without any manual work. Another advantage gained from AdNabu’s campaign structure is the ability to bid on high performing searches in Shopping campaigns. This opened up a completely new optimization strategy for the marketing team who earlier could only bid at max at a product level.


AdNabu helped us reduce our cost of acquisition by more than 33%. We are now bullish on Google Search & Shopping ads to scale our business.

- Hiral Patel, Ecommerce Marketing Specialist



Shopping Campaign improvements

Once the new structure was in place, search campaigns began performing better and better by the day. After AdNabu’s bid optimization, the cost of conversion went down by 55% which made these campaigns profitable. It is rare to see both cost of conversion going down and the number of sales increasing at the same time. This is what precisely happened. The number of sales went up by 140% from search campaigns thanks to AdNabu’s focus on long tail keywords.

Shopping campaigns had a different story. The cost of conversion went down by 33% while keeping the number of sales constant. This helped the team save upwards of $10,000 from their marketing budget.


Our conversions are at an all time high thanks to AdNabu. From running a non-profitable search campaign, We have created a profitable search campaign with 2.5x more conversions. We have had great experience with AdNabu’s marketing and support team.

- Hiral Patel, Ecommerce Marketing Specialist