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iOS App Install Campaigns

iOS app install campaigns & Android app install campaigns are very similar to google search campaigns except for the difference that the landing page or final URL is always an app inside the app store. Campaigns are targeted by keywords in a similar way to google search but the ads will only be displayed on devices which are eligible to install the app. This means only mobile and tablets with the required ios version will be shown the ad for the targeted keyword. App install campaigns have been rising in spend thanks to the explosion of app based companies and are projected to grow faster than regular text campaigns.

ios app install campaigns
high roi app install campaigns

High ROI App Install

More advertisers are relying heavily on App install campaign while promoting their app in a way similar to how local businesses prefer call only campaigns and e-commerce firms prefer shopping or pla campaigns. Their reliance on AdWords is hardly surprising as the users acquired via AdWords were actively searching for their product or service before installing the application. User retention metrics for AdWords search campaigns are extremely healthy compared to other medium of advertising like display or facebook. It is of no surprise that more and more companies are resorting to app install campaigns in the increasingly mobile first world. This trend is especially evident in developing countries who have a very high mobile penetration compared to desktops or laptops. If you as an advertiser is targeting these countries, then mobile app install campaigns is your go to strategy.

iOS App Install Software

iOS app install campaign created through AdNabu will have the same advantage as any text search campaign created via Adnabu. The best practices for an iOS campaign is the same as a text search campaigns as both are keyword based. The ads also follow a similar structure to regular text ads. AdNabu shines in figuring out the long tail keywords even in iOS and creating single keyword ad groups for these keywords along with highly targeted ads. Campaigns are automatically maintained everyday by adding potential keywords and ad groups from the search query reports. AdNabu's bid optimization software makes automated and targeted bid changes to ad groups to maximize the app installs for any given budget.

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