Google AdWords Campaign Software

Text Search Campaigns

Google Text ad campaigns in search is the most sought after marketing channel for almost all advertisers. The text campaigns in search generates bulk of google's revenue and is a testimonial to the relevance of the ads and willingness of advertisers to invest in AdWords. Almost all advertisers using AdWords run search campaigns and vast majority spend major portion of their budget on these ads. New innovations like expanded text ads and device level bid adjustments have made AdWords more relevant in the multi device world. AdNabu understands the nuances of text campaigns and have created AdWords software to maximize the returns from these campaigns.

Text Ads in Search Campaign Software
Call only campaign software

Call Only Campaigns

Call only campaigns are predominantly used by advertisers who value calls more than actions done on their website. Advertisers in the category of local services, education and lead generation companies are seeing increased returns from these ads. Call only ads differ from text ad campaigns only by the fact that the ad leads users to the dial pad in call only ads compared to a webpage in text ad campaigns. Targeting in Call only campaigns is by keywords just like regular search campaigns. AdNabu's AdWords software not only creates perfect call only campaigns optimized for maximum high quality calls but it also manages it frequently to identify potential long tail keywords.

Android App Install Campaigns

In the increasingly mobile first world, companies who have app based products and services are increasingly turning towards app install campaigns in AdWords to drive quality app installs. Before installing any app, most users search in the play store to find the best match. Android app install ads targets these users with ads tailored to drive more app installs. Users acquired from AdWords campaigns show much higher retention numbers compared to other marketing channels because of the high relevance in searches. AdNabu's software for app install ads creates app install campaigns with all the best practices automatically. This enables advertisers to generate more app installs at lower cost per install.

android app install software
google adwords shopping campaign software

Shopping or PLA Campaigns

Shopping campaigns are tailor made campaign type for e-commerce companies selling products to users. These ads can appear in google shopping as well as in search results in addition to regular text ads. Shopping ads are highly visual in nature and shows the product, its price and description. Key difference between shopping and regular search campaigns is the absence of keywords for targeting. Shopping ads are targeted using products and their description. Google uses this information to show products on relevant searches for customers to navigate directly to the product page to complete transaction. Shopping campaigns created by AdNabu will have single product ad groups which will enable more sales for every dollar spent in the campaigns.