Google AdWords for Doctors. Marketing tips and strategies for Medical Practitioners

Last Updated On : 2017 June 28

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Here is a strange thing about old habits, they die hard. No matter how incorrect they seem, there is still a part of you that swears by them. Every time we speak with a new client, this is the first concern we hear from them, “Is it worth paying for Google ads in my field”? And if we counter question “Is it worth to invest in Yellow pages anymore”, we still get surprised looks. We honestly admit it can be a little uneasy about disposing  a historically indispensable marketing tool. But as the needs are changing, every medical practitioner needs to optimize their use of fund.  

 Is investing in AdWords a good choice for Doctors/ Health practitioners?

 The answer to the question if PPC is worth it. It’s not really complex. Though Google ads have varied performance depending on the niche and specialization, it most definitely works for Medical practitioners. That is because a person suffering from toothache will be actively searching for a dentist and search ads is an easy way to grab attention..

Though there are pros and cons to spend money in AdWords, but if done with precaution, the pros outnumber the cons any day.  We think unlike some other professions, AdWords for Doctors is  likely to work in your favor as long as you keep in mind your niche and create targeted campaigns. From here, I’m going to touch each aspect of AdWords and what you should focus on being a Doctor.

Right PPC keywords for Doctors

Sometimes it is really intimidating to select the right keywords for a good AdWords campaign. When you begin, you are tempted to try every possible keyword that could be related to your Clinic, but not every one of them suit your need. The truth is researching your keywords wisely sums up to 50% of your AdWords setup.

But selecting the relevant keywords and discarding the irrelevant ones is not the only thing. This brings me to the the next most common question, should you go for long tail keywords which are hard to manage manually? or more mainstream keywords with high visibility?

Our recommendation is to strike a balance between the two. Maintaining a trade-off between the two will essentially give you an exposed view of your customer base, which can only be considered a big plus. Below are 4 major practices for doctors to keep in mind while selecting the most relevant keywords for your AdWords campaigns:

Above are a few examples of long tail keywords. As we mentioned, it can be tiresome to work with long tail keywords as it takes a long time to research and accumulate such data for your campaign.  However, AdNabu can help you automatically create all the relevant long tails keywords using the parent keywords. It takes Adnabu a few minutes to create an extensive campaign which manually would take days.

Another thing to keep in mind is that which keyword match type are you targeting for the keyword.

Most of the big hospitals target for the most popular terms, thereby increasing the competition and driving the prices through the roof. There’s a big say that “exact match” type is worth considering as the statistics show that it gives maximum conversion at minimum cost. While some swear by such views, others swore them off completely. Perhaps, a wise way to structure your campaign is to consider using all kinds of match types, including the ones other doctors are neglecting. Because, this way you won’t end up paying a huge amount, even if some of your keywords end up flopping.

Adnabu takes care of this from the very beginning itself. It creates the structure of the campaign such that each keyword type has 3 different Adgroup (one for each match type) ensuring that you target the right keyword for the right search term.


Advantage of using “Broad Match Modifier” over “Broad match”

Right negative keywords for Medical practitioners AdWords

Many professionals already use research tools to incorporate negative keywords into their campaign. Although, it is a ceaseless process to gather resourceful negative list. Unfortunately, the negative keyword research tools which are offered is far from best. Especially when it comes to Adwords- where each click costs a fortune. For beginners, below is the list to keep in mind while incorporating negative keywords

 Negate all the services which you do not offer.
Negate all the keywords which are not giving you conversions or has a very poor conversion ratio for a long time.

 Perfect AdWords Landing page for Doctors

 Landing Pages are used to drive highly-targeted advertising based on selected keywords. Each page contains various elements like result-oriented headlines, trust badges, partners information, explainer videos, guides, testimonials etc. Considering high cost per click, we feel it is important to create high converting landing pages.

Below are few things to consider while creating your landing page:-

Do Not’s (Pitfalls):

Structuring Best AdWords Ad copies for Medical practitioners

Creating a good Ad copy is the first touch point where the consumer interacts with the business, compelling the former to click on the Ad while ignoring other Ads from competitors.

Looks at these best practices to guide your way through making Ad copies for your enterprise.

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Advice on PPC Ad-extensions to use for Doctors

Professional looking Ad-extensions can really add life to your Ad. Idea is to get plenty of additional impressions by sharing a better visible Ad than your competitors. First rule here is to make your clinic easily approachable. Below are a few extensions to consider for Medical practitioners:

Location Extension:

Besides adding the information about physical location, this extension is essential in numerous ways:

Sitelink Extension:

This extension allows Doctors to showcase their achievements as well as provide a space to link additional service offerings available to the customers, which is always a plus while conducting an online business.

Callout Extension:

This particular extension provides an additional 25 character space to specify robust, beyond basic and specific nature of information of the services, video walk-through etc.

Call Extension:

Call extension provides the crucial information like contact details. It is particularly usable for mobile Ad versions as the clickable call button allows the customer to call the doctor instantly.

For example:
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Structured snippet extension:

Structured snippets are different from call out extensions. Although, both provides a space to describe brief and specific features of the business. Structured snippets usually contains the variety of the offerings, service catalogs, etc. For example:

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Methods of Conversion Tracking for Doctors

Tracking, recording, analyzing the conversion data is clearly the last and an important step to optimize the performance for each ad type, on a regular basis.

Therefore, depending on the business type, different conversion types are tracked. It mainly works in two ways:

Conversion Pixel

It helps track which keyword resulted in a lead, that can later help you optimize your campaigns. Setting up conversion pixel requires some amount of technical effort (You would need the person handling your lead page). Having said that, benefits of results from it overpowers the hassle.

Here is a guide to help you setup conversion pixel.

Call conversion Tracking

In addition to tracking the conversion pixel, tracking calls can possibly give a better analytics. Call tracking will help if you are allowing customers to make a call to clinic directly through their smartphones. Calls are extremely beneficial for a medical clinic and luckily Google makes tracking calls even from a website easy. Check out how to setup call conversion tracking.  

AdWords mistakes to avoid for Medical practitioners

Though we have covered most of the steps to follow while creating your adwords campaign exclusively suited for doctors. In-addition, here are a few mistakes which are unknowingly committed by marketers.


In conclusion, If you keep in mind the above practices while running your adwords campaigns,you will be focussing on your likely patients. Therefore optimizing your performance to every last advantage is going to take you to levels where you competitors can only dream to be.


Ultimately, fearlessly embrace high CPC(of course, with proper campaign targeting and the above smart control measures) will attract more exposure for your ads and more patients to practice.


We understand it’s hard to take a call on what to execute and what to discard. Here at Adnabu, we help you automate the complete process, along with a chance enjoy the freedom to choose and optimize your campaign with real-life data that might just inspire you to the core of your success.