AdWords for Florists. Marketing tips and strategies.

Last Updated On : 2017 Aug. 22

In this series of industry specific AdWords practices, today we will discuss how to create and manage a successful AdWords campaign for florists or Florist services who are targeting for new customers.

Is Investing in AdWords a good choice for Florists

In my experience with Floral businesses, Google AdWords is the base for any online floral business as online visibility for a florist is the best way to succeed. If you have a Flower shop online, you need Google AdWords to run it successfully.

Another important thing here is what in Google AdWords works best for Florists. Well, Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping or Google Re-targeting all have their own role to play in the success of the florists  business. Here in this article we will cover the basic practices that one should follow to have a successful AdWords campaign.

If you have a florist business and still haven’t been able to achieve success, it may be because your ads or landing page were not optimized.

If you too are someone with a floral shop and you haven’t yet set up an Adwords campaign for your service region, you are practically missing out on a lot of potential customers. Having said that, It is very important to use this tool efficiently or else it may end up costing you.

So without further ado, let’s begin with the basics and the best industry practices in AdWords for Florists.

Right PPC Keywords for Florists

Choosing right keywords for your AdWords campaign can be a challenging task. It comes with confusing questions like, should you go for long tail keywords for more visibility or more mainstream keywords with high competition? The key here is to strike a balance between the two. You should target both long tail as well short tail keywords. It will help you get the most out of your campaign. There are 4 major practices for Florists to keep in mind:

Note: Avoid using one-word keywords which are highly searched for, as these search terms aren’t very informative about the kind of services you are offering for your prospect.

For example, if you use Flowers as a keyword for Flower delivery, your ads can be triggered for search terms like, flower show, Flower types, edible Flowers, etc. which are not even close to what you want to target for. Therefore choosing the keywords carefully is very important.

AdNabu takes care of this from the very beginning itself. It creates the structure of the campaign such that each keyword type has 3 different AdGroup (one for each match type) ensuring that you target the right keyword for the right search term.

Advantage of using Broad Match Modifier over Broad match

Broad match modifier (a.k.a BMM) is a variation of Broad match. Broad match triggers ads for all searches around the keyword, keyword idea, synonyms, grammatical forms as well as related words, etc. BMM gives you much more control over the search terms for which your ads will be a trigger. It excludes synonyms but allows variations. For Example, If you target Broad match-type for keyword flower delivery, it might trigger for search term like flower which may or may not be relevant for you. Instead, BMM will ensure that the word flower and delivery are present in the search. AdNabu automatically creates campaigns which use BMM instead of Broad match.

Best Negative Keywords for Florist

The importance of negative keywords cannot be ignored, especially when each click costs a fortune. Though accumulating Negative Keyword is an ongoing process, but to begin with, below are a  few points to consider.  

What is a good landing page for you?

A landing page should use numerous parts like trust badges, result-oriented headlines, explainer videos, testimonials, etc. Such landing web pages are aimed at driving visitors to take an worthy action.  Since every click will cost you a fortune, there’s no room for an error when designing a landing page for your business. Below are some Do’s and Don’ts to follow:

There would be 2 types of landing pages for Florists. First, for corporate clients or wedding decoration which is a bigger ticket size. For this case you might want interactive enquiry form for customers to fill. Second, is the case where you want your retail customer to place an order online. For retail customers, landing page should encourage customer to make online transaction . In this article I have not included details for Google shopping for Florists. Read my article Google shopping for florists, if you are interested in retail strategy for Florist.


Google AdWords landing page sample for Florists


Structuring Google Ads for a florist

Ad copy is extremely important because it is the initial touch point where the content of the ad compels the client to click on our ad instead of the competitor’s Ads. Below are the few points you must keep in mind:

AdWords Ad copy sample for Florists.PNG

What ad extension should a florist use?

Google ad extensions add life to your ads and make them more professional looking and trustworthy. When used the right way, they can make you easily approachable and hence lead to better visibility for your potential customers. Ad extensions work differently for different Industries. Some deliver a better result than others. For Florists, best working extensions are:

Location extension:

Location extension enables florists to add a physical location besides their ads. This helps you in numerous ways:

Sitelink extension:

The Sitelink extension enables florists to add extra links to share achievements or additional sub-categories of services(In case targeting for a generic keyword).

Callout extension:

Call-out extension gives florists an additional 25 characters of space to add beyond the basic description of the ad. It is recommended to use this space to encourage the prospect to take action.

Call extension:

Call extension allows florists to add a contact number to their Ads. It works much effectively for mobile devices as Google adds a clickable call button to the ad. This allows the customer to call you instantly. For floral services, it is considered to be very effective because usually clients have personalized problems/ questions or custom requirement which encourages them to call. For example:

AdWords Call extension for Florists.PNG

Structured snippet extension:

Structured snippets allow advertisers to describe brief and specific features of the product or service offerings. It provides viewers with a direct access to the information about the nature and variety of services offered. In case of florist, structured snippets can show potential clients the specific information such as neighborhoods where the florist does his services, service catalogs, Occasions, products or even special offers.

For Example:

AdWords structured snippet extension for Florists.PNG

Conversion Tracking for floral services

Now that the campaign is ready to work its wonders, conversion tracking is very important and the last thing to set up as it will help you analyze your performance and optimize later. Depending on the business type, different conversion types are tracked. For a florist, it mainly works in two ways:

Conversion Pixel

It helps track which keywords resulted in leads. This can further help in optimizing your campaigns. Setting up conversion pixel required some amount of technical effort (You would need the person handling your lead page). Having said that, benefits of results from it overpowers the hassle. Here is a guide to help you setup conversion pixel.

Call conversion Tracking

This will help if you are allowing customers to make a business call directly from their phone. Calls are extremely beneficial for a floral service and luckily Google makes tracking calls even from a website easy. Check out how to setup call conversion tracking here.   


This was a short guide to get started with your AdWords search campaign, keeping in mind all the best practices for florists. Florists is a one of the industries which are highly benefited from AdWords and could become one of most profitable platform, if handled correctly. In case you haven’t tried your hands on AdWords for your business, we suggest you to consider setting a campaign right now!  

If you are still not sure about how to start or to take your AdWords campaign to next level, sign up with AdNabu & automate campaign creation and optimize within minutes.

In addition to what we have discussed, if you wish to create Shopping campaign and understand best practices involved there, head to my next article AdWords shopping campaign for Florists