Benefits of AdNabu's Shopify Backup App 


Instant Backup


Instant Backup

Protecting and keeping your data safe is a priority for all shopify stores. If anything goes wrong, You lose your business. so we run instant, automatic backups while you work on your Shopify store.

Backup All Your Data


Backup All Your Data

Our App helps you to protect the data that drives your business by monitoring and capturing any changes on product data or a store setting as they occur, by backing it up to our secured storage.

Advanced Restore Options


Advanced Restore OptionsWith our app you have the flexibility to restore your entire account to a previous point in time or just a single item that was deleted (such as a product or blog post.). 

Fully Secured Backup


Fully Secured BackupCompliant with GDPR, connections to Shopify stores are always made securely. Your data is stored encrypted in our secure storage.


Restore data in Minutes

Restore data in MinutesOur API-based approach allows us to restore your product & store data to your shopify store within minutes. 

Expert Support Team

Expert Support TeamOur expert support team dedicated to getting your store back up and restored as quickly as possible after issues or data loss. If you have any questions or run into problems, we're there.